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LGBT+ protestors defend Chavez’s “La Revolución” in downtown Mexico City, Happs News, 2020

Foreigners in Mexico on tourist visas can get an extension—if they know how, Mexico News Daily, 2020

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The woman rethinking traditions and community across the globe, Jewish Insider, 2019

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arts + life:
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breaking news:
PIKE suspended after investigation found fraternity booze-hazed, forced pledges to eat onions, eggs, The Daily Campus, 2018

SMU chapter of Kappa Alpha Order suspended for 4 years, The Daily Campus, 2017

SMU concedes, returns displays to Dallas Hall lawn, The Daily Campus, 2017

Gov. Abbott calls on university to return 9/11 display back to Dallas Hall lawn, The Daily Campus, 2017

Open letter says administration denied annual 9/11 memorial on Dallas Hall lawn, The Daily Campus, 2017

Suspected pimp killed by Carrollton police after teen escapes hotel room, The Dallas Morning News, 2016

Clown sighting reported in Fort Worth, the latest in possible nationwide mass hysteriaThe Dallas Morning News, 2016

Gamma-Sigma chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha suspended by nationals, The Daily Campus, 2016

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